Frisco Downtown Master Plan Update


City of Frisco


Services: Transportation Planning

Parking Consulting

Completed: 2018

Frisco Downtown Master Plan Update


Downtown Frisco is thriving. Once an agricultural center for North Texas, Frisco has transformed into a community of quality suburban neighborhoods, strong businesses, and modern entertainment destinations. This Master Plan Update builds upon that vitality and what is already working in Downtown.

The goal of the project was to create a comprehensive approach for downtown’s future by combining community vision, walkable design, context-sensitive infrastructure, connected public spaces, new business potential and formal management options. The key driver of this approach is bringing together regional identity and local authenticity so that uniqueness is based on market-driven authenticity.

Walter P Moore provided:

· Mobility Audit – Included traffic analysis, review of the regional travel demand model, determining network gaps, and evaluating transit potential and current traffic technology

· Mobility Analysis – Examined the existing network circulation, evaluated multi-modal connections, evaluated the functional street classifications, determined mobility goals, and provided recommendations on roadway design, streetscape enhancements, and zoning

· Downtown Parking Strategy – Reviewed existing conditions, calculated existing parking demand, identified future parking needs, and developed a comprehensive parking strategy and future parking policy considerations