Global Bank Santa Maria


Global Bank


27,000 square meters

13,000 Square meters of parking space

3 below grade levels

Certified LEED Gold

Global Bank Santa Maria

Panama City

Certified LEED Gold BD+C (Core and Shell v3 - LEED v2009), this 12-story reinforced concrete office building provides over 6,300 square meters of leased office space and 13,000 square meters of parking space, including three levels of underground parking.  Parking above grade features green walls around the building perimeter.  

Side-by-side configuration of parking and office areas maximizes open spaces and establishes direct office access to regular users. The presence of a glass atrium in the upper office levels provides 90% of all occupied areas a direct line of sight to the outdoors. Operable louvers are provided on the façade to take advantage of natural light and also provide sun shading at various times during the day.  The use of post-tensioned wide shallow beams in floor framing allowed longer spans in leased areas, which is a departure from norms in Panama.

Renderings by ForzaCreativa