Global UCF Building


University of Central Florida


Construction Cost
$16 Million

Completion Date
May 2016

Project Size
54,000 SF
3 Stories

LEED Gold®

Global UCF Building


With more than 64,000 students, UCF is one of the largest universities in the nation. Since 1992, one of the five goals of the university has been to provide an international focus to the UCF curricula and research programs. The UCF Global Building provides an opportunity to achieve this impressive goal. The building services international students through an English language institute, immigration advising, and international employment and taxation information, in addition to 22 classrooms. It also serves the domestic population by providing a hub for culturally-rich shared experiences and learning such as UCF abroad, a meditation room, and a formal testing lab.

In order to construct this cultural hub on the UCF campus, Walter P Moore worked hand-in-hand with the architect, contractor, and university in order to meet the tight 14 month timeline and demanding budget. For further time and cost savings, our team chose steel beams and columns with composite slabs, steel brace frames and load bearing CMU walls.

As part of UCF’s pursuit of LEED Gold certification, our team chose steel framing, reinforcing bars, and concrete containing recycled content. Additionally, the team used construction coatings and adhesives with low VOC emissions, provided framing for solar water heating panels and designed a hot water storage tank. Walter P Moore delivered this sustainable project within budget and cost constraints while helping to create a cultural gathering place on the UCF campus.