Grand Parkway ITS and Tolling


Texas Department of Transportation


Miles of Fiber: 40

ITS Devices: 100+

Delivery Method: Design-Build

Grand Parkway ITS and Tolling

Harris and Montgomery Counties

Upon completion, the Grand Parkway (SH99) will be a 180+ mile highway traversing seven counties that will encircle the greater Houston area. WPM is working with the Texas Department of Transportation on the newest $1B design-build section that consists of 40 miles of new toll road in north Houston and includes major construction at critical, high-volume interchanges. We are responsible for ITS and tolling infrastructure design including dynamic message signs, CCTV cameras, microwave vehicle detectors, blue-tooth readers, and 40 miles of a 10G interconnected fiber optic Ethernet network. Our proposed design combines multiple ITS equipment per structure to produce cost savings by reducing the number of required poles, drill shafts, fiber optic cable patch panels, Ethernet switches and electrical service drops. By consolidating ITS equipment locations there is a reduction in cabinets and ultimately communications equipment resulting in less equipment to maintain. The design considers ease and safe access for maintenance activities, offering protection to service technicians. WPM’s innovative Bluetooth and ground box design also resulted in notable project cost savings.