UNLV GreenSpun College of Urban Affairs


University of Nevada Las Vegas


Size: 120,000 SF

Architect: HKS

Feature: LEED Gold

UNLV GreenSpun College of Urban Affairs

Las Vegas

Made possible by a generous donation from the Greesnspun family, Greenspun Hall at the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs serves as the home for six of the college's departments and schools. The building features an auditorium, high-definition (HD) media facilities for KUNV-FM and UNLV-TV, student media laboratories and classrooms, and faculty offices. 

In keeping with the college's mission to improve the quality of urban life, the design team focused on efficiently creating a sustainable facility which addressed the desert climate and the Seismic Design Category C site. The project features 30,000 sf plaza shaded by a structural steel canopy holding 960 photovoltaic panels. This 163 KW solar array generates about 32% of the building’s electrical needs while reducing solar temperature gain on the building’s façades and roofs. The facility achieved LEED Gold Certification.