Greenview Residential Tower


JV Verde Azul and Arval


45 stories

Redesign resulted in over $800,000 in savings and ahead of schedule

Greenview Residential Tower

Panama City

GreenView is a 45-story residential tower located in Santa Maria, Panama City, Panama. It was originally designed by a local engineer. Walter P Moore was engaged in a structural peer review of this project and suggested a number of value engineering ideas including the removal of outriggers, reduction of column sizes and reduction in the amount of reinforcing to improve economy in the structure. At the time of our review, the foundation construction was finished and the tower construction was beginning. Due to the urgency of implementing our recommendations, the owner retained Walter P Moore to redesign the tower to incorporate all recommendations made in the peer review. Overall, the redesign of the tower resulted in savings of over $800,000. The elimination of beams on typical floor and outriggers also increased the speed of construction and the project was finished ahead of the original schedule.