Guangzhou Arena


Manica Architecture


Parking: 1,400 spaces

Services: Traffic and Transportation Planning / Traffic Studies / Parking Consulting

Guangzhou Arena


The Guangzhou Arena was designed from its inception to be one of the most successful arenas in the world. The Guangzhou Arena hosted the Asian Games in 2010 and will be home to a wide variety of world-class events such as basketball, international ice events, and major music concerts. The building’s design also accommodates the rigorous standards of the NBA, a feature that will allow it to become home to the league’s expansion throughout Asia.

With a large volume of visitors to an arena of this size, comes complex parking and traffic issues. A functional design and specific parking technology were needed for a 1,400 space garage that consists of one level below grade and six above grade. A unique design of express ramps maximized throughput and minimized parking on the ramps for quicker access to the events for all visitors. The garage includes multiple loading docks that allow for the use of a full sized semi-truck. The basement level is designed to support full-sized mobile media trailers for large events, such as the Olympics and NBA game coverage.

Based on visitor projections to the site, it was vital that pedestrians had access to a major transportation hub. Walter P Moore’s roadway planning and traffic circulation increased mobility around the site making events more enjoyable for all.