H-GAC Midtown Livable Centers Study


Houston-Galveston Area Council


Services: Traffic and Transportation Planning / Master Planning / Parking Consulting

Modes: Vehicles / Bicycles / Pedestrians / Transit

H-GAC Midtown Livable Centers Study


The goal of H-GAC’s Livable Centers Program is to facilitate the creation of walkable, mixed-use places that provide multimodal transportation options, improve environmental quality, and promote economic development. H-GAC and the City of Houston co-sponsored a livable centers study of a 50-block area in Midtown. Located directly between downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center, Midtown is the heart of the city and occupies 617 acres of land, which is approximately 325 city blocks. As part of the study, WPM was tasked with developing an inventory of existing traffic, parking, and utilities; providing an evaluation of present and future capacities; exploring potential redevelopment opportunities; and guiding the creation of a master plan supportive of a mixed-use walkable community.

At the end of the study, public and private key catalytic projects were identified which would form the basis for transforming the study area into a livable center. We identified current and future transportation needs, reviewed land use assumptions, recommended changes to the traffic plan, identified the feasibility of new developments, and considered ways to improve mobility for many modes of transportation.