Incident Management Plan


Texas Department of Transportation, El Paso District


Miles of Roadway: 100

Diversion Scenarios: 110

Incident Management Plan

El Paso

Our traffic engineers led the team that developed the first region-wide freeway incident management plan (IMP) in Texas. The IMP involved coordination with TxDOT El Paso, City and County traffic engineering staff, as well as law enforcement and emergency response agencies. The plan provides a pre-determined response plan for any kind of freeway incident (collision, lane blockage, spilled load) on several freeways in El Paso County. With the use of TxDOT’s TransVista Traffic Management Center, the team developed extensive diversion routes and traffic control for incidents ranging from short-duration minor crashes through major events such as fires or hazardous material spills. The IMP is continually updated based on actual incident response performance and is the single definitive incident response plan for the region.