Marq-E Parking Garage


Orix Real Estate Equities


Parking Garage: 1,400 spaces

Levels: 8

Feature: 100% flat floor parking

Marq-E Parking Garage


To compensate for the loss of several hundred parking spaces due to the widening of Interstate 10, a garage was built to service the Marq-E Entertainment Complex. The entertainment complex is a mixed use development that includes a movie theater, a gym, retail shops, bars, and restaurants. The high turnover rate with frequent peak loads required the implementation of a dedicated express ramp system. To accommodate pedestrian traffic, the garage was designed with oversized stairs and elevators. The vertical elements were painted in bright, vivid colors to add an inviting architectural element to the garage.

The garage design allows for maximum operational flexibility. During non-peak hours, the upper levels of the garage can easily be closed for traffic. The 100% flat floor parking areas and open stairwells optimize security and lighting within the garage. One way traffic flow and dedicated internal pedestrian paths help minimize pedestrian/ vehicular conflicts.