Marshall Elementary School


Anaheim City School District


100,000 SF

Architect: BCA Architects

Delivery Method: Lease/Lease Back

Innovation: ConXL system

Marshall Elementary School


For the students of John Marshall Elementary, this campus-wide reconstruction brings a 60 year old school into the 21st century. The emphasis placed on performance allowed the design team to pursue the highly competitive High Performance Schools Incentive grant. This small 4.5 acre site is maximized by utilizing multi-story construction, efficient site circulation and joint-use of a city park for outdoor play areas. The campus includes a three 2-story educational buildings and a high-bay single story multi-use building.

Each building is separated by seismic joints which create improved, more predictable seismic performance. The lower grade’s classroom building utilizes the ConXL steel moment frame to support different program spaces at the first and second floors. The ConXL system is a fully bolted system which expedites construction while eliminating costly field welding. It is the first application to a California public school building which received approval by the Division of the State Architect.