Mayo Clinic in Florida


Mayo Clinic


Bed Tower
Completed 2008
335,000 SF
6 floors

Bed Tower Vertical Expansion
Completed 2013
$80 million
112,000 SF
2 additional floors

Mangurian Building
Completed 2018
$55 million
190,000 SF
5 floors

Mayo Clinic in Florida


Mayo Clinic is committed to creating an exceptional experience for their patients and providing their teams of experts with innovative spaces in which to deliver highly intensive and complex care. Since 2001, Walter P Moore has served as a trusted advisor to the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville as they seek to seamlessly integrate new patient and provider spaces to the campus to meet increasing demand.

The original Mayo Clinic in Florida building was completed in 1986. Walter P Moore’s first task was to determine the building’s capacity for both horizontal and vertical expansions. From there, we worked closely with the owner to conceptualize the fully built out hospital far in advance of the project at hand. This allowed our team to account for the many horizontal and vertical expansions that would be needed later.

Since our initial project with Mayo Clinic, Walter P Moore has designed eight buildings and expansions combined. These expansions have not only provided the additional space for patient beds, but also provided new jobs for the surrounding community.

Over the past nearly two decades working on the campus, Walter P Moore has navigated building and working alongside an active medical field. One example of the challenge this type of work poses can be seen in the second phase of the New Patient Tower Complex completed in 2013. This phase included the addition of two levels to an existing six-level tower. Our team carefully sequenced the elevator construction to minimize service interruption to the six existing floors. One elevator was worked on at a time, while relocating and demolishing the existing machine rooms.

Our team continues to work with Mayo on planned future expansions and building additions – ensuring that we provide connection details to facilitate construction of the next phases. Mayo’s desire to provide an ever growing and improving center of care and innovation in medicine keeps Walter P Moore working hard to aid them in achieving these goals.