MDACC Fiber Optic Master Plan


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Utility System Design

18,000 feet of fiber duct

3D clash detection study

MDACC Fiber Optic Master Plan


M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is the largest institution in the Texas Medical Center (TMC), spread between five different distinct campuses just within the TMC. Interconnectivity is critical to their operations. Walter P Moore was selected to prime a Fiber Optic Master Plan involving data/communications interconnectivity and oversee the design and construction of over 18,000 linear feet of fiber optic duct bank to support connectivity between the five campuses. The master plan provides for data/communication infrastructure that will assist with their current operations and allow for potential growth for the next 20 years.

Walter P Moore assembled a highly collaborative team to address the challenges of this broad-based network. Work included extensive investigations to establish existing conditions followed by a 3D clash detection study to ensure that the 24-inch pipe directional boring sections, some up to 900 feet in length and radii as tight as 600 feet and as deep as 30 feet, could be done without concern of conflicts. This effort also included stream crossings attached to existing vehicular bridges, construction within highly congested major thoroughfares, and securing licensing agreements with the City of Houston, TMC and their chilled water and steam energy provider (TECO), and the local electrical franchise utility.