Medical Campus Transportation Study


Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center


Services: Traffic and Transportation Planning / Parking Consulting

Medical Campus Transportation Study


As part of the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center sits next to the State Capital in the heart of Richmond. To its north, the congested I-95 corridor and to the west, the James River. With little flexibility, this project required even more crucial mobility solutions to meet the objectives of multiple interests.

Walter P Moore provided VCU alternatives for today and tomorrow based upon the needs of the different stakeholders. Among them: one-way street and traffic lane revisions, street closings, intersection reconfiguration, and more turning movement options. We also looked into enhancing wayfinding systems, walking, and cycling routes; remote parking garage locations; new campus arrival and departure patterns; and ways to increase transit system use. Accommodating emergency, service, and delivery vehicles and shuttles without impeding pedestrians was also studied.

How everything fits together will be determined ultimately during the implementation of our recommendations, with collaboration by the Center, the VCU community, and the city.