METRORail Light Rail Study and Design


Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO)


Intersections Analyzed: 100+

Services: Traffic Planning / Traffic Studies / Traffic Design

METRORail Light Rail Study and Design


The growth of the Houston Metroplex led to the groundbreaking mobility project involving light rail. Our METRORail project consisted of a 7-mile double track light rail system that extends from NRG Park to downtown Houston, Texas. Thousands of riders use the rail service daily to commute to and from work in the Texas Medical Center. In order to begin this massive project, multiple studies and assessments were needed to ensure public safety and to address environmental concerns. WPM was actively involved in performing traffic analysis and impact studies, alternative route evaluations, cost estimates, and constructability assessments. Specific to traffic planning, we provided analysis of opening year and design year traffic signal operation, interface between light rail and traffic signal systems, and signal design at intersections with the light rail track. Upon completion, the line segment helped ease congestion in this area by removing hundreds of vehicles.