Millenium II Tower


BMS Management, Inc.


Construction Cost
$60 Million

Completion Date
October 2015

Project Size
460,000 SF
1,925-car parking garage


Millenium II Tower


The new 23-story tower building consists of office space built over a 7 level parking garage with one basement level below grade. The basement level includes dining and fitness spaces. An eight story precast parking garage was also included as part of the project.

Walter P Moore worked with the team to accommodate the addition of one office floor and one precast garage floor during construction. The foundation design was also optimized by providing a partial mat foundation to reduce the concrete quantity as compared to that of a full mat foundation option.The addition of a multi-level tenant stair was accommodated during construction. Walter P Moore designed strengthening for framing that had already been constructed to accommodate the stair addition.

The new precast garage abuts and connects to the existing Millennium Tower garage. Walter P Moore designed the new garage foundations to cantilever out to optimize the new garage layout while clearing the existing garage foundations.