Missouri City Bluetooth Sensor Integration


City of Missouri City

Missouri City Bluetooth Sensor Integration

Missouri City

In 2013, Missouri City, TX had just finished installing AVI readers on various roadways throughout the city so that they could monitor traffic speed and density, and publish the results to a website for commuters and citizens to view. Our team developed the software needed to assemble the data being provided by the AVI readers and publish it to a custom website for a graphical presentation of traffic speed, travel times, and other DMS messages as determined by the traffic group at Missouri City. In addition, we designed and created a standalone application that Missouri City administrators could use to monitor the system.

Now fast forward to 2017. Missouri City replaced all AVI Readers with new, much more stable, Bluetooth-sensing equipment that can detect Bluetooth devices in passing cars on either side of the road. This technology change made it possible to cover twice as many roads with the same number of devices. We assisted with the modifications to the system needed to accommodate these devices. We reconfigured the system to handle the new data format and upgraded the old website to use Open Street Maps and integrate with Waze so that commuters can receive updates to information that Missouri City traffic engineers enter into the system.

View the Missouri City Road Map here.