Missouri City Traffic Management Center


City of Missouri City


Workstations: 3

100+ ITS Devices: 100+

Feature: integrated control functions

Missouri City Traffic Management Center

Missouri City

The city of Missouri City wanted to connect the 45 traffic signals to a new traffic management center (TMC) via wireless Ethernet communications. They enlisted WPM to develop, design, and integrate new hardware, software, monitors, consoles, layouts, interconnectivities, servers, switches and other network peripherals. We also developed a web page for the City that includes (AVI data-generated) speed map, traffic signal status, incidents, construction, events, weather, video stills and public service information. The TMC shares dynamic message signs (DMS) and video information with the Police Department HQ and the City’s Emergency Operations Center. WPM worked with the DMS software provider to create a plug-in, using AVI data, which allows estimated travel times to be automatically displayed on the DMS as well as the City’s website. In the second phase, we completed the design that adds several DMS, CCTV and Bluetooth as well as notable enhancements to the wireless network.