Moffitt Cancer Center Vincent A. Stabile Research Building


H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, University of South Florida


Project Size

329,000 SF

Construction Cost

$70 million

Completion Date

Moffitt Cancer Center Vincent A. Stabile Research Building


Walter P Moore provided complete structural engineering and threshold inspection services for the Vincent A. Stabile Cancer Center Research Tower at the Moffitt Hospital. Moffitt, which opened in 1986, was originally funded by cigarette tax money and has been allocated funds over ten years to build a research tower and clinic facility on the campus of the University of South Florida just north of the Moffitt hospital. This tower adds critical animal research and a vivarium space to the Moffitt Cancer Center, making it the largest cancer research facility in Florida.

The research focuses on cancer genetics, cellular biology, cancer control, cancer prevention, and more. The support services include a diagnostic testing facility, conference/education facilities, administrative offices, and information systems. The four-level clinic building adjacent to the existing hospital serves as an outpatient facility.

The 329,000 SF research tower and clinic facility consists of six levels, includes a 44,000 SF animal research facility and 41,000 SF housing conference and faculty centers, administration offices and a 300-seat auditorium. Levels two through four consist of 32,000 SF of research laboratories, core labs, and office/administrative space. Levels five and six consist of a mechanical penthouse and an elevator penthouse, respectively. Finally, an atrium connects levels one through four.