Montrose Management District Mobility Study


Montrose Management District


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Montrose Management District Mobility Study


The Montrose Management District is comprised of diverse land uses covering just over three square miles. Located just west of Downtown Houston, the area is primarily residential, but also includes significant retail, entertainment, and institutional land uses. Almost 23,000 people call the Montrose area home which makes mobility in this area very important. A comprehensive district-wide mobility study included assessing current conditions, developing viable improvement projects, and determining a realistic implementation program. The goals of the mobility study focused on improving safety, reducing spillover parking, making the streets more conducive to walking that would also attract more businesses, all while maintaining the character of the Montrose area.

The district wide inventory of mobility-related items included reviewing pavement conditions, sidewalk conditions, wheelchair ramp conditions, adjacent land uses, sight distance issues with signs or vegetation, and pavement markings. The study will be used to solicit funding and support from various agencies for improvements in the area.