Morton Plant Hospital Doyle Tower


BayCare Health System


Construction Cost
$147 million

Completion Date
January 2017

Project Size
330,000 SF

Morton Plant Hospital Doyle Tower


Walter P Moore provided the structural engineering and threshold inspection services for the new 6-story tower that included new elevators/stairs in the both the Northeast an Southeast corners of the building. The new tower is tied into the existing buildings on the North, West, and South side with the incorporation of two gardens.

The project included a new elevator core and lobby on the Ground Floor; surgery waiting, hospital support, conference rooms, administration/registration, gift shop, lobby, cafe, PATT, and shell space on the First Floor; 18 operating rooms, surgery support, prep/recovery and shell space on the Second Floor (Surgery Floor); PACU, acute partum, NICU, C-Section, assessment, LDRP, FBS and recovery on the Third Floor (Women’s Floor); Cardiac/Medical Surgical (26 beds), mechanical and connectors to Morgan Health and Adler Buildings on the Fourth Floor; Mechanical Floor and Roof on the Fifth Floor; and the Mechanical Roof on the Sixth Floor.

A temporary Emergency Department drop-off included two new canopies and a new 1-story horizontal expansion to the existing Emergency Department. There was demolition of portions of the 1941 and 1950 buildings that were connected to the new building.

Utilities expansion at the existing Central Utility Plant for the expansion of services for the sub-mechanical space, and a new utility service tunnel to connect utilities with the existing and new buildings was part of the project. Renovation of the Adler Building for new mechanical chase which was cut through the center of the building to service each floor from the new mechanical floor located on the roof.