Morton Road Drop Structure


Harris County Flood Control District


Services: Floodplain Management / Stormwater / Bridge Assessment and Rehabilitation

Morton Road Drop Structure


Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) contracted our team to design the replacement of an aged baffled drop structure that had undergone severe scour to the point that the structure was at risk. Excessive erosion near the crossing of the HCFCD channel with Morton Road was extending to the bridge crossing and abutment. The design of the new structure was challenging due to its proximity to the existing bridge piers and large storm sewer outfalls. Our engineers completed hydraulic studies to determine an optimal solution to reduce the flow velocity downstream of the structure, thus reducing erosion and scour potential, and provided the structural design of the paved channel slope. We relocated utility pipes to prevent the occurrence of eddies and proposed a mid-sloped tapered structure to reduce the risk to the bridge piers. Four years after construction, the design has proven successful in protecting the Morton Road bridge and channel.