Neighborhood Streets Reconstruction Program


City of Overland Park


Construction Cost: $3.6 million
Completed: November 2017
Project Size: 1 mile

Neighborhood Streets Reconstruction Program

Overland Park

Walter P Moore provided design services for the reconstruction of approximately one mile of Grant Street from 79th street to 87th Street. The collector street is located just one-half mile west of City Hall and the surrounding neighborhoods are primarily single- and multi-family residential.

The improvements included new concrete pavement and concrete curb and gutters to enhance local infrastructure. New concrete sidewalks and post-top street lights were added to increase safety and pedestrian access. The storm sewer system was upgraded with new curb inlets and concrete pipe. The improvements will provide flood protection during a 1% design storm with minimal inconvenience to streets and traffic.

The project required close coordination with the utility providers in the area to mitigate potential conflicts with existing facilities and planned upgrades. It also required a comprehensive public relations approach to keep the residents, property owners, and stakeholders well informed throughout the project.