Nissan Stadium Structural Assessment


Structural Condition Assessment
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Nissan Stadium Structural Assessment


Walter P Moore was hired by Venue Solutions Group to complete a structural condition assessment of Nissan Stadium, built in 1999. With a capacity of over 69,000 people, the multipurpose stadium is home to the Tennessee Titans, The Tennessee State University Tigers, and also hosts several major events and concerts each year, including the Country Music Association Music Festival.

The purpose of the evaluation was to establish the current stadium conditions and provide a benchmark for evaluating the facility in the future. Our engineering team conducted a two day, comprehensive visual assessment. Primary structural elements were observed – including floor slabs, beams, and columns – to assess conditions on all stadium levels. Specific care was taken to focus on indications of potential structural distress, including cracking or spalling of structural concrete, corrosion of structural steel, or any other indicators that would signify structural damage.

The Walter P Moore team concluded that structural condition of the venue was fair, however some minor upgrades were needed to maintain its current condition. The most significant damage found was corroded steel on the scoreboard framing and the exterior ramp framing. The skilled engineers on the Walter P Moore team provided a detailed report of their findings to the client to assist with maintenance schedules and future needs.