North Tributary Erosion Protection


City of Richardson


Service: Geomorphology

North Tributary Erosion Protection


Sewer river crossings create a risk for communities where erosion can create potential sewage spills impacting the health and welfare of the community. The North Tributary of Prairie Creek Sanitary Sewer Erosion Protection project consisted of the repair of a sanitary sewer located in the bottom of the creek. The clay pipe sewer was originally concrete encased in some locations, but throughout much of the nearly 600 feet of this stream reach the pipe was exposed. The original design intent was to use gabions to cover the pipe, but concerns over price, long-term stability, and encroachment led the design team to search for innovative options. The city of Richardson and Walter P Moore had successfully utilized turf reinforcing mattress (TRM) as a secondary erosion control method on dozens of previous projects and decided to use TRM as the primary armoring making this an environmentally-friendly project.