NW 72nd St Improvements from MO Rte 9 to NW Prairie View Rd


City of Kansas City, Missouri


Construction Cost: $1.5 million

Completion Date: 2014

NW 72nd St Improvements from MO Rte 9 to NW Prairie View Rd

Kansas City

NW 72nd Street is a heavily utilized secondary arterial in Kansas City, Missouri. Previously it was a two-lane asphalt roadway with roadside drainage ditches. Walter P Moore designed improvements which increased the roadway width to three-lanes with a bike lane in each direction. New concrete curb and gutters convey storm water runoff to a new underground storm sewer system.  The new 44-foot wide roadway greatly improved existing traffic congestion in the corridor and increased motorist and pedestrian safety for those travelling to and from the two churches and middle school located along NW 72nd Street.

NW 72nd Street was designed to the City of Kansas City’s design standards for a minor arterial which resulted in significant changes along the corridor. The peak of the roadway was lowered approximately 4-feet to meet sight distance requirements. This grade change required a modular large block retaining wall system to be utilized on the north side of the roadway. There was also considerable impact on the south side of the roadway which is owned by The Park Hill Christian Church and the Park Hill R-5 School District. Both property owners were made aware of the project early on in the design and welcomed the improved traffic movement and safety. Other improvements along the corridor included a new five foot sidewalk, street lighting, driveway replacements, a new 12-inch water main, pavement markings and signage. The success of this project has led to Walter P Moore being selected for several roadway projects with the City of Kansas City, Missouri.