One Riverway Garage Collapse


Unilev Capital Corporation


Services: Emergency Response / Failure Analysis / Parking Assessment and Repair / Structural Assessment and Strengthening

One Riverway Garage Collapse


The One Riverway Garage, located near the Houston Galleria, experienced a partial collapse of the top floor onto the level below. No one was hurt in the accident which occurred before 8 p.m., but local news reports noted that vehicles were still exiting the structure at the time. Walter P Moore assisted with an overall assessment required by the City of Houston. We met with the Owner on a Wednesday night to review work done to date. The City required an engineering report by 6 a.m. Friday to determine if the garage should remain closed for safety reasons. A full Walter P Moore team was mobilized on Thursday evening and provided the report less than 48 hours from our initial involvement. We are currently providing repair design for the reconstruction of the collapsed Level 5