Parkchase Erosion Control


City of Mesquite

Parkchase Erosion Control


Sewer stream crossings are critical to allowing for gravity systems to service cities, but the risk of an exposed sewer over a stream threatens a community’s health and safety. Therefore designing these crossings and maintaining them in good stable condition is important. Subject to erosion, scour, and debris carried by flood waters, these crossings have to be designed to withstand severe conditions. 

Walter P Moore designed the protection for a double 36-inch trunk sewer line which was threatened by erosion. Improvements involved a retaining wall approximately 250 feet long and 18 feet tall. The design included both gabion and large modular block bid alternates to determine the more cost effective solution. The City of Mesquite chose to construct the large block wall. Walter P Moore developed details for fortifying the wall using rock anchors. During construction, we worked with the contractor to design cost-saving alterations which improved the effectiveness and cost of the solution.