Parking Structures Facility Condition Study


City of Des Moines

Parking Structures Facility Condition Study

Des Moines

Walter P Moore conducted a facility condition study consisting of visual observations, nondestructive testing, and laboratory materials testing of six parking structures of various ages and structural systems located throughout downtown Des Moines, Iowa.

We performed petrographic analysis, chloride ion content analysis, and compressive strength testing in order to characterize the condition of the various structures. Based on the results of our observations and testing, we provided an assessment report of our findings, including prioritized repair recommendations and associated costs for each of the parking structures. We also produced Capital Asset Management Plans for periods of 10 and 25 years for the six garages included in our assessment, as well as the East 2nd Street Garage, which is currently under construction. These Capital Asset Management Plans were provided to assist the City of Des Moines in preparing annual budgets for repairs, maintenance, demolition, and replacement in the future.