Pegasus Apartments Garage Slab Restoration


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Pegasus Apartments Garage Slab Restoration

Los Angeles

The Pegasus Apartments building is a historic structure in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The garage, located in the lower levels, had a highly deteriorated floor slab. The owner wanted a solution to restore and stabilize the existing structure without complete removal and reconstruction.

Walter P Moore found extensive cracking and delamination in the concrete floor slab. The thin slab was also very flexible, which led to vibration issues as vehicles drove. The repair solution stabilized the existing floor slab by repairing cracks and spalls in localized areas, followed by covering the drive aisles with CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymers). Our solution saved the owner money by concentrating the CFRP application in the drive aisles, and prolongs the historic structure’s garage life.