RadioShack Riverfront Campus


RadioShack Corporation


Size: 900,000 SF

Parking Garage: 2,400 spaces

Architect: HKS

Feature: LEED Silver

RadioShack Riverfront Campus

Fort Worth

Knowing the importance of the environment on employee performance, RadioShack executives decided to explore possible alternatives to their current headquarters located in two high-rise buildings. They wanted to create a working environment that would meet the needs of their employees in addition to the company’s business needs. The result was the new Riverfront Campus.

Located along the Trinity River in downtown Fort Worth, the campus is designed to integrate state of the art technology in an environment that facilitates and encourages collaboration, efficiency, and innovation. The campus includes two 7-level and one 6-level office building, and three low-rise connector buildings. A central commons building provides employee amenities such as a conference and training center, three direct broadcast studios, data center, fitness center, 500-seat indoor/outdoor dining, retail building with a 30-foot high curved cantilever wall, and parking garage.