Richard Bolling Federal Building Site Improvements


General Services Administration – Region 6


Size: 5.5 acre site

Construction cost: $120 million

Richard Bolling Federal Building Site Improvements

Kansas City

The Phase IV renovations were the final phase of a 10-year renovation project to modernize the building and site including enhanced security features and upgrade existing building systems. Site improvements on the property included new security features, landscaping, brick paver walks and drives, retaining walls, site lighting, drainage systems, and a new parking lot.

A combination of retaining walls, planter boxes, and stainless steel bollards were used throughout the site to achieve the security requirements while preserving an open feel. A “dry moat” on the northwest corner of the site was also implemented to allow views into the site while protecting from vehicles entering the site.

Through extensive coordination, Walter P Moore helped develop a comprehensive paving system that would give the GSA the visual appearance of brick pavers with the durability of traditional concrete paving. The concrete pavement also included a sophisticated joint layout which would prevent any concrete cracking from reflecting through the brick pavers above.   

The site also includes new storm water cisterns systems to capture and store storm water runoff generated from the site and the building’s sump pump system. The two underground storage systems allow the GSA to meet sustainability goals for the project and reduce the amount of potable city water currently used for irrigation.