Roaster's Block


O’Reilly Development Company


Construction Cost: $20 million
Completed: January 2017

Roaster's Block

Kansas City

Situated in the heart of Kansas City’s legendary Garment District, this apartment development is historically significant and remarkably modern. In 1950, Folgers Coffee Company purchased the Swofford and Boss buildings built in 1899 and 1917 and relocated their roasting plant here. In 2013, the buildings were purchased and converted into loft apartments. The Roaster’s Block name is a tribute to Folgers century of success.

Walter P Moore provided the civil engineering for the interior courtyard between the two buildings which once housed a large coffee bean silo and was replaced with a swimming pool, hot tub, fire pits, and other amenities. Walter P Moore also designed the reconstruction of an adjacent parking lot and sidewalks surrounding the buildings. Two different design standards were utilized for the streetscape elements which include extensive use of brick pavers, along with sawcut patterns in the concrete sidewalk and evenly spaced street trees. In addition, Walter P Moore incorporated elements of the Garment District, such as the street lighting, to add continuity to the redevelopment.