Rogers Centre Virtual Light Study


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Rogers Centre Virtual Light Study

Toronto, Ontario
Canada / Orlando, Florida

A renovation project for the roofing on Rogers Centre provides an opportunity to leverage VR to effectively communicate to the client the impact of distinct design options involving ETFE roofing material. To accomplish this, our VR Studio added a new “time of day” lighting system to our virtual reality build process. Using the date, time of day, and GPS coordinates, we created a dynamic lighting tool that accurately positioned the sun relative to the structure and time of day. This feature enabled the client, owner, and design team to assess the lighting and shadow characteristics of different roofing panel design configurations. This specialized software allowed the client to visualize the effects of additional natural lighting and identify areas where the new ETFE installation risked causing glare. Users could witness the sun move across the sky as they walked through the stadium and understand exactly when and where glare might become an issue. With the ability to stand in the field and see the light play across the field, the team and clients were able to better appreciate and validate design decisions.

Rogers Centre Roof Study
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