School Traffic Management Plan


Uplift Education


Service: Traffic Studies

School Traffic Management Plan


Uplift Education is one of the fastest growing school operators in north Texas. They are a non-profit operator of free, public charter schools operating 28 schools and 13 campuses in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Currently, Uplift Education serves 10,000 students with an expected increase of enrollment to 13,000 students in 2015. WPM was brought on board to help plan and manage the pick-up/drop-off and queuing operations of nine schools. Since each school varies in size and demographical characteristics, it is challenging to strategize the operations of a different school in a short span of time. WPM makes observations and provides feedback to school representatives on how to modify their school operations to increase efficiency and safety. The traffic engineering team solves this management issue by providing additional queuing areas, redirecting the traffic route, restricting to entry/exit only operations, providing police department and school staff at crucial points, and by staggering the school timings for elementary and preparatory school.