SH 360 and IH 30 VISSIM Analysis


Texas Department of Transportation


Service: Traffic Studies

SH 360 and IH 30 VISSIM Analysis


Existing motorists in Arlington, Texas, must exit State Highway 360 and Interstate Highway 30 and traverse signalized intersections in order to move between roadways. These movements increase delays for motorists and result in congestion on the local streets. Future plans include constructing a fully directional interchange between SH 360 and IH 30 in order to increase mobility, safety, and operations in the area. Due to budget constraints, the project has been divided into multiple construction packages which allow various segments of the interchange to be built as funding is made available. We were tasked with identifying interim transportation system management solutions to help mobility until the full interchange is constructed. With the use of VISSIM analysis, we prepared peak hour traffic volumes for 2035 design year analysis that included 12 intersections and numerous freeway entry and exit ramps. WPM gave visual confirmation of bottleneck areas along with applicable solutions to help keep traffic moving in an efficient and effective manner.