Sims Bayou Risk MAP (Phase 1)


Harris County Flood Control District


Service: Floodplain Management

Sims Bayou Risk MAP (Phase 1)

Harris County

As a result of the recently completed Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project (FFDRP) along the main stem of Sims Bayou, this Risk MAP effort involves the mapping of floodplains in the Sims Bayou Watershed. The FFDRP was identified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Galveston District (USACE-SWG) to alleviate pervasive flooding in the Sims Bayou watershed. Historically, Sims Bayou has experienced significant repetitive flooding. The project emphasis is to streamline the process associated with obtaining a Physical Map Revision (PMR) which reflects the construction of the Sims Bayou FFDRP. Phase 1 of this project involves public interaction and gathering of information in order to adequately define risks to the public. Phase 2 will include the actual remapping of the floodplains based on the benefits derived from the Federal Project and submittal to FEMA for review.