Springwoods Village Drainage Plan Corridor 3


Coventry Development Corporation


Cconstruction Cost: $3.5 million

Project Size: 58-acre-foot Dry Detention Pond

Completed: 2017

Springwoods Village Drainage Plan Corridor 3


Walter P Moore provided civil and water resources engineering for this drainage and regional storm water detention project located in Springwoods Village in northern Harris County. The 58-acre-foot dry detention pond is integrated with recreational and park space with trails, a dog park, and a Nature Preserve Center. This project is part of the Springwoods Village Drainage Master Plan, which was developed by Walter P Moore in 2011, and mitigates the increased runoff from more than 100 acres of development including public roadways and the newly constructed Grand Parkway.

The project was designed and built in phases. A first phase was developed to receive the drainage from the Grand Parkway and the public roadways as this construction was scheduled before the private developments. Walter P Moore coordinated the design of the pond with TxDOT and provided outfall locations for approximately 2 miles of the Grand Parkway that run along the south side of Springwoods Village. This first phase required careful planning between various contractors for the construction of utilities, borrow pits, and earth work.

The pond was then expanded with additional excavation, trails, a control structure designed with gabion wall, and a pedestrian bridge. Various outfalls are provided for future development that will drain into the pond to reduce future construction costs.