Springwoods Village Reuse Master Plan


Harris County Improvement District No. 18


Size: 1,800 acre development / 25,000 population

Service: Water Supply

Feature: water reuse

Springwoods Village Reuse Master Plan

Harris County

In an effort to reduce the demand for potable water and protect water sources, the Harris County Improvement District No. 18 (HCID18) is implementing a reclaimed water system that will provide water for non-potable use such as landscape irrigation and cooling tower for Springwoods Village, an 1,800-acre master-planned community in northern Harris County. We assisted in developing a reclaimed water master plan to define phases and implementation and designed the major branch going from the wastewater treatment plant to major institutional users. Sources included treated effluent and rainwater captured in a series of eight detention ponds that have a dedicated storage for water supply or in an on-site storage tank at the wastewater treatment plant. The master plan included comparison of supply and demand, rainfall/runoff analysis, phasing strategy and cost estimates. HCID18 may save as much as 40% of potable water use with the reclaimed water system.