Springwoods Village Storm Water Monitoring Program


Coventry Development Corporation


Ccompleted: 2016

Project Size: 2,000 acres

Springwoods Village Storm Water Monitoring Program


Springwoods Village is a 2,000-acre mixed-use development in northern Harris County expected to be developed between 2011 and 2020. Low Impact Development (LID) will be an integral part of the community. Current plans for the development indicate that developers will be required to implement LID strategies to meet water quality and quantity goals, which will be supplemented with LID development in some of the public spaces. Requirements to use these methods must result in tangible and evidence-based benefits to better market the concept.

Walter P Moore is developing a storm water monitoring program for Springwoods Village. The stormwater monitoring program has been envisioned to assess the effectiveness of the LID strategies. Samples of stormwater quality and quantity at strategic locations will be taken before, during, and after construction to determine the impact on storm waters during the development phases. The plan will provide the basis for understanding the benefits of LID in Harris County and the education of the community. Walter P Moore is working with Coventry Development Corporation (owner), U.S. Geological Survey, and Harris County Flood Control District in the implementation of the program that will evaluate water quality changes and its possible causes.