Texas Medical Center Garage 19


Texas Medical Center


Parking Garage: 1,833 spaces

Levels: 8

Architect: Morris

Texas Medical Center Garage 19


Garage 19 primarily serves Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the institutions in the world’s largest medical center, Texas Medical Center. Originally envisioned as a nine level 250 feet long garage, Walter P Moore provided a footprint analysis which recommended increasing the length of the garage by 15 feet which would net a reduction in the number of required levels to eight and reduce construction costs by $1.6 million. This provided TMC with funds to allocate to a BirdAir/Avadek canopy system, conditioned elevator/transit waiting area lobbies and additional maintenance design elements.

The garage, which includes ground floor retail and two transit area lobbies, is designed for three levels of future vertical expansion for a future total of 2,400 spaces. A “double/double zero traffic flow system” maximizes ramp horsepower and minimizes wait times during the ingress/egress process.