TIA CONRAC Garage Reclamation of Levels 1 & 2


Hillsborough County Aviation Authority


Construction Cost
$17 million

Completion Date
February 2019

Project Size
8 levels
9,600 spaces (total garage)
2,256 spaces (converted levels)

TIA CONRAC Garage Reclamation of Levels 1 & 2


With the opening of the airport's new Consolidated Rental Car Facility, the Hillsborough County  Aviation Authority wanted to convert the first two levels of their Long Term Parking garage which had been used for rental car facilities into additional public parking space. The 8-level garage was currently utilizing the upper 6 floors as long term public parking and lowest 2 floors for rental cars.

Walter P Moore and team sprearheaded the structural rehabilitation and functional improvements for the lowest 2 floors to accommodate public parking. In addition, new signage and modifications to the parking guidance, environmental remediation and closure of the existing petroleum system, and level count system were completed for the entire garage.

Tampa International Airport ConRAC Facility and APM System