Toyota Tundra Garage


Harris County - Houston Sports Authority


Parking Garage: 2,500 spaces

Toyota Tundra Garage


Toyota Tundra Garage serves the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Rockets. The garage is designed to empty within 20 minutes through a dual speed ramp system and appropriately sized pedestrian corridors. Vehicular/pedestrian conflicts were minimized by providing separate vertical and horizontal areas for both. In addition to evaluating all adjacent arterials and thoroughfares for traffic flow considerations, Walter P Moore developed an efficient traffic circulation and control plan within the structure. The design provided an economical and durable cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete superstructure for the facility. The arena and garage were designed together to complement each other and enhance functionality. Some of the “back of the house” functions, such as loading docks and rubbish systems, were moved to the garage. This had the added benefit of enhancing the streetscape around the arena.