UCSF Mission Bay Medical Office Building Expansion


University of California at San Francisco


Construction Cost
$237 million

Completion Date
July 2019

Project Size
2,400 tons

UCSF Mission Bay Medical Office Building Expansion

San Francisco

This 12-story medical offce building is part of a fast-paced expansion to the Mission Bay campus of University of California San Francisco. The building will house multiple types of specialized medical equipment requiring strict vibration controls as well as precise minimum distances between some of this equipment and any reinforcing steel throughout the structure. An additional level of structural complexity comes from the need to create column-free zones on the lower levels. These issues combine to produce a complex structure necessitating carefully coordinated and precisely modeled reinforcing steel.

Walter P Moore's Construction Engineering team provided high-fdelity, 3D rebar modeling of the entire structure in order to provide precise layout and quantities of steel reinforcing. By modeling the entire structure in 3D, we were also able to discover and resolve conficts among the various elements and therefore signifcantly increase the speed and accuracy of construction as well as greatly reduce the risk of costly delays once on the field.

We brought our constructability and modeling expertise to bear on highly congested areas, particularly above column-free zones. This helped to reduce the risk of confusion and delay that can otherwise occur when these areas are detailed in only two dimensions.

The UCSF site itself was crowded allowing minimal room for stockpiling construction material. Therefore, we used our high-fdelity model to carefully and precisely schedule the fabrication for just-in-time delivery of material to the site.