United States Courthouse Greenville


U.S. General Services Administration - Region 7


Project Completion:

Estimated mid 2022


62,000 SF

United States Courthouse Greenville


Walter P Moore is providing structural engineering and secure design/blast engineering services for this new U.S. Courthouse, a GSA Design Excellence Project. 

The design for the new U.S. Courthouse in Greenville, Mississippi is founded in the spatial and sequence traditions established by Thomas Jefferson in early American court and institutional architecture.

The project composition has two parts: a long, three-story office building to the south and the courtroom structure, pulled out of the center of the building and set in a civic garden to the north. The office building is characterized by repetitive natural light lenses that invite reflected and indirect light into the interior while limiting the heat and glare of the hot southern sun. The courtroom structure is an inviting figure. Its stacked, shapely, wood-clad courtrooms are visible and veiled by a faceted glass outer skin that is alive in the ever-changing light and weather of each day. The courts become part of the community and open to an ongoing public conversation on the nature and workings of justice.