University of Mississippi Medical Center and Parking Study


University of Mississippi Medical Center


Completion Date
February 2017

University of Mississippi Medical Center and Parking Study


Walter P Moore and team prepared a detailed parking supply and demand report which included all types of parking throughout the campus. The parking demand study evaluated existing peak parking conditions and identified shortages and overages in the supply. After evaluating current parking programs and accommodations, we developed parking plans that addressed all users of UMMC’s parking system. The team also provided an analysis of future parking supply and demand in relation to the UMMC’s Master Plan and anticipated campus growth. Goals were focused on improving traffic, promoting growth and successfully contributing to the experience at UMMC.

Walter P Moore also evaluated parking expansion opportunities including locations, the type of supply and associated costs, traffic access and circulation patterns with emphasis on valet areas, emergency rooms and service areas. We reviewed all operating policies and procedures including special programs and event parking and develop parking management plans. Finally, a benchmark similar or comparable institutions was used to develop a comprehensive parking management analysis.