Valero Central Control Room Building


Valero Refining - Texas, L.P.


Completion Date
February 2016

Project Size
12,000 SF

Valero Central Control Room Building


Walter P Moore provided structural engineering and secure design for the new central control room building at the Valero refinery located on the Houston Ship Channel. The new single-story structure houses the Central Process Control room. While the new building is modest in size at just over 12,000 square feet, it must serve as an efficient and comfortable workspace while also providing protection from potentially extreme conditions.

Key design features include the protective building envelope designed for a high level of blast resistance, and the open control room with large roof spans to create a workspace space unobstructed by columns within which to house technical workstations to monitor and control refinery operations. Our engineers collaborated with the client to coordinate blast resistance criteria based on potential threats from accidental explosions resulting from nearby refinery operations. Roof and wall designs carefully considered potential blast loadings delivered to the building envelope and included strengthened anchorages and connections to ensure occupant safety and enable control room functionality during a blast event. Walter P Moore worked closely with the client and design team, including mechanical engineering and architecture, to coordinate the large roof spans, blast resistant doors, louvers, and dampers to ensure a continuous envelope of protection for building occupants in the event of an emergency.

This facility may appear modest, but represents a powerful blend of comfort, function and protection.