WAN Analysis and Fiber Build Out


City of El Paso


Miles of Fiber: 23+

Facilities Integrated: 14

WAN Analysis and Fiber Build Out

El Paso

The City wanted to use available fiber to connect various municipal facilities to City Hall, such as police and fire stations, transit terminals, and other facilities for better data delivery among the agencies. We identified facilities requiring WAN (Wide Area Network) interconnectivity and available interface locations, summarized construction costs, and prioritized implementation phasing. Extensive utility coordination was required and all design work was compliant with the NEC and Building Industry Consulting Services International standards. We also designed over 23 miles of fiber Ethernet network connecting the City Data Center, two fire stations, the Mission Valley Regional Command Center, Mission Valley Transit Terminal and Port of Entry, the Pebble Hills Command Center and transit terminal, the El Paso Zoo, CoEP Health Department, three CoEP maintenance facilities, and the Northeast Regional Command Center. With close and extensive coordination with TxDOT, we were able to achieve these connections with great success.