Westside Master Plan Traffic Study


City of El Paso


Service: Traffic Engineering Planning

Westside Master Plan Traffic Study

El Paso

The City of El Paso was concerned with the fast-paced growth of the northwest area including the proposed roadway improvements on Loop 375 between IH 10 and Paseo del Norte. In 2008, the City approved a Smart Code Ordinance in order to encourage mixed use development and discourage automobile dependent development by creating accessible land use patterns that introduce and encourage transit, pedestrian, and cyclist-oriented development. We reviewed alternatives along Loop 375 and operations at major crossings as part of a phased study. Phase 1 included analysis using the existing land use proposed in the Westside Master Plan while Phase 1B considered impacts to traffic operations for the same alternatives but using traffic demands based on Smart Code principles. In conclusion, the proposed north-south connections to Loop 375 will relieve traffic from other existing arterials, provide traffic circulation without the use of freeways or frontage roads, and allow most intersection to operate below capacity as traffic disperses among all north-south connections east of IH-10.