Ysleta Station


General Services Administration (GSA)


Completion Date

Construction Cost
$15 million

Site Size
72 acres

Building Size
22,000 SF

LEED Silver

Ysleta Station

El Paso
This project was an expansion of the Ysleta Border Station which is located in El Paso, Texas at the border with Juarez, Mexico on a 72-acre site. It was originally constructed in 1991 with additions to the commercial vehicle inspection area in 1996. The project included the expansion and addition of several component buildings of the Port of Entry and surrounding site. There were one story additions of various buildings that are load bearing masonry with steel joist roof structures. The expansion included the addition of an eight lane Primary Inspection Canopy, exercise room and storage building, import dock additions and a safety inspection canopy. The steel canopy was designed to mimic mountains in the backround of the port resulting in complex, irregular geometry.The canopies utilize tapered steel wide-flange girders that cantilever approximately 17'.